Lynne Hayes


Lynne Hayes has been an instructional leader, teacher and motivator for over 25 years. Her preferred title as Learning Leader is only the beginning of her diverse resume. From leading national sales programs, increasing organizational collaboration, formulating better corporate communication styles and providing executive leadership coaching, Lynne has developed efficient and effective programs that last.

One of the first questions she'll ask is, "How can I help?" With a strong understanding of the changing workforce, she is an innovator when it comes to adapting traditional leadership styles with the unique challenges facing our modern workplace.

Lynne customizes leadership coaching, sales training, and communication workshops to fit every audience, no matter if it's a start up or Fortune500 company. Her professional interests are; millennials in the workplace, sales team motivation and individual professional leadership coaching. With her dynamic mix of encouragement, tools, passion and facts, she helps people add value to what they do every day.

When she is not traveling outside of St. Louis, Lynne loves to spend time playing ball with her rescue pup Mabel, early morning cycling classes, coffee with her husband John, and contributing motherly words of wisdom to group texts with her grown-up kids, Emmy and Sam.

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: CEO/C-Suite Leadership Training, Team Building, Conflict Resolution, Change Management, Employee Engagement


Emmy Hayes


A creative weirdo since day one, her parents never really knew what she would end up doing. But much to their delight, Emmy has become an influential visionary in the creative world. With a range of experience working as an ad copywriter for a variety of Fortune 500 brands, a creative startup consultant, and gracefully diving into the film and media world as an entrepreneur - she’s seen a lot for her age.

As a resident Millennial, she inspires those around her with a funny bone refined by The Second City Training Center, wordsmithing finessed by the Missouri School of Journalism and a knack for rallying those around her with love and inspiration - because her mom raised her that way.

Her high-energy approach to workplace zen brings a passion for how we can all find more meaning beyond our day-to-day tasks while having as much fun as possible. When not working on work, she enjoys spending time with her angsty old dog Grace, dreaming of a desert escape, rudely interrupting the Hayes family group text with irrelevant GIFS, and getting to know her new home city of Atlanta, Georgia.

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: Presentation Training, Improv-Inspired Team Building, Early Career Mentorship, Social Media Career Training, Change Management