Why I Love LeADING Through People

Photo c/o Unsplash

Photo c/o Unsplash

I recently had the honor of becoming certified to teach a leadership course for Psychological Associates called LEADERSHIP THROUGH PEOPLE SKILLS®. Based on the DIMENSIONAL® MODEL OF BEHAVIOR™ and the FIVE-STEP FORMAT™, LEADERSHIP THROUGH PEOPLE SKILLS® provides a framework for you as a leader to get the most out of every interaction you have, whether it’s with a direct report, a peer, a manager, or another stakeholder in the company. I have been using the framework and tools, and I can tell you they work.

I love seeing the transformation that many leaders go through over their 2.75 days of participation. I know. 2.75 days seems like a long time to be away from the office. And it is. However, the time spent practicing newfound skills is the essential part of the course. The key here is that this is a workshop. As the facilitator, I do a fair amount of the talking, and as a learner, you get to spend a fair amount of the time, in fact, a majority of the time, in small groups trying new tools and techniques on for size and providing feedback to teammates.

Humans crave feedback and don’t often get this much time to give and receive it. To be open to feedback is a unique experience for some of our learners. It also makes a few of them a little uncomfortable at first. This workshop is a safe place to participate in the feedback process and get the most out of the time spent in class.

A wise mentor once told me, “true change does not come from a place of comfort.”

This workshop is a safe place to participate in the feedback process and get the most out of the time spent in class.

Much has been researched and written about “Millennials in the Workplace.” Millennials, along with many of their more experienced colleagues are looking for a few things at work. I have learned in my role as a leader that our direct reports want to be treated with respect and trust, they want affirmation that they’re doing ok, and a clear plan and line of sight to where they need to be. This can be accomplished by having great conversations and providing consistent feedback. A benefit of the LEADERSHIP THROUGH PEOPLE SKILLS®  workshop is that the tools provided help leaders of all generations plan conversations and give consistent targeted feedback. This is excellent news for leaders trying to figure out how we can co-exist with multiple generations in the workplace. 

The DIMENSIONAL MODEL OF BEHAVIOR™ and the FIVE-STEP FORMAT™ are great tools to use for all employees, yes, even millennials, to give feedback in a manner that tailors the conversation to the employee and helps motivate them by getting to what’s in it for them on the goal or issue you’re working on together. 

I would highly recommend LEADERSHIP THROUGH PEOPLE SKILLS® for all leaders, especially those working through generational issues in their workplace. With targeted learning and feedback provided, you will come out of the course with a methodology to help you have those sometimes hard to have conversations. 

Join me for an upcoming public session.

For more information on how you can improve the communication going on in your workplace and for dates and locations of upcoming sessions, visit the website listed here. 

I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about the course. Reach me at lhayes@q4solutions.com or lynne.hayes@edgehill.co