Everybody's Got To Start Somewhere


If you listened to our inaugural "Let’s Work on Work" podcast last week (if you didn’t, subscribe here) you heard me tell a story of how I worked with my dad for a few years in the factory where he had worked most of his life.  Over the weekend, it occurred to me that somehow life had come full circle now that I have the opportunity to work with my daughter on this exciting project.
The things we're working on, are things I know my Dad could never have imagined. The idea of a podcast, or social media or not working a corporate job for 45 years would have been entirely baffling to him. And yet, we’re figuring it out. In just one week- we managed to plan, record and get on iTunes with our first podcast, and when I say we the only thing I did was provide my wisdom and voice.  I managed to goof up the one job I had, to order and ship a microphone to Atlanta for us to get started. And yet to my dismay, it was delivered on time to my house in St. Louis (I was in Atlanta) - so much for my technology prowess.
After an emergency run to the local Big Box store in Atlanta, we were up and running. We learned a few things in a short period - babies cry in the hallway and dogs snore when they sleep, so in short order, we retreated to our professional studio of Emmy’s coat closet where it was nice and quiet, and we finished our first recordings. 

We have been talking about doing this podcast for months and what it took was putting a date on the calendar and getting started. I can’t stress that enough.  If you’re thinking about doing something, what are you waiting for, and get started! 
I am so lucky to have Emmy as my partner in this. She is relentlessly curious. Her curiosity is what was able to get us this far. Here’s how our conversation went. 
Me: “Honey, do you know how to do this?”  
Em: “Nope, but we’ll figure it out!”  
In the process of a couple of hours, she figured out how to record, edit and upload a podcast, which I could have never done without her.
Full disclosure - Emmy is a talented creative writer and director and has edited several short films of her own, so this isn’t her first rodeo.
Here we are, on the brink of I don’t know what for sure, but we’re so excited to be here. We hope you'll go on this journey with us, and that as we grow, we're able to build a business that helps others.  
I am so excited to be able to be talking to millennials instead of about them. One thing about generations is that we should never be so narrow-minded in the thinking that we know more than another group because of our experience.  

We’ve all been busily diagnosing the problems in the world with these darn millennials.  Saying “they’re so this and they’re so that." They’re just who they are.  

We need to be open and humbled by the idea that the ones coming next are the ones we’ve been waiting for and they’re fantastic.

I challenge you to have a great conversation with another person, in any generation and take a minute to stop and listen to their stories of experience, hopes, and dreams. I think you’ll see that we’re not that different.