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Boomer. Millennial. Dynamics.

“Kids these days…” But really what about kids THOSE days. We were all young once. Navigating our careers with as much passion, just in a different world.   

As the world and work evolves, let’s transform the way we connect with each other. With a focus to expand our knowledge, and understanding, of whatever generational challenges greet us, we’ll prepare you for success in a meeting room, or around the old proverbial water cooler which today could be a fridge of free La Croix.

In This Workshop, Your TEAM WILL:

  • Identify facts and figures about generations in the workforce

  • Determine the dynamics for understanding and improving team collaboration

  • Learn and build upon what makes a solid communication plan

  • Help establish how we can all be better at our jobs through listening






For leaders with a lot of experience in the world of work, how do you lead the next you? As the next generation of leaders emerge, how do we help them without holding them back? What is really at the core of happy leaders that make great teams even better? Many of us are judged on our leadership styles and capabilities, but what if leadership doesn’t come naturally? With our custom coaching sessions we focus on the importance of being a leader, more than a boss.

Customized coaching sessions include: 

  • Three months of biweekly private coaching sessions, either in-person or online.

  • Leadership Audit, a look at past leadership methods with guided recommendations moving forward.

  • Creating a six month action plan to navigate your unique challenges.